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Why Cloud Accounting?

Cloud Accounting is the use of online software which enables business owners to view their financial data on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer from anywhere in the world where wi-fi is available. This unrestricted access to current and up to date financial information allows team members to communicate and collaborate with each other and their accountants in a timely and highly efficient manner.

Cloud Accounting saves both time and money and delivers many other business benefits, some of which are listed below.
Cloud Accounting 1

Cost Avoidance

Nothing to buy or install on your computer. Financial information backs up automatically. Software updates and version upgrades are free and available online.

Cloud Accounting 2

Financial Control

Critical control points include sending of invoices with pre-set follow up. Reconciliation of accounts. Automation of bookkeeping tasks. A dashboard to track key financial performance indicators.

Cloud Accounting 3

Saving Time

Cloud Accounting helps companies become more operationally efficient. Time saved can be used executing plans and launching sales and marketing campaigns.

Cloud Accounting 4

Making Decisions

Demonstrate leadership as you make timely financial decisions. You have control when in the office, on the move or working from home with access to current financial data 24/7.

Cloud Accounting 5

Scalability & Growth

When in start-up mode, essential finance is what most owners prefer. If you need to find time to move your business forward we recommend advisory finance. When your business is mature, outsourced finance gives you time for strategy and planning.

Cloud Accounting 6

Risk Management

Risks to your financial well-being posed by natural disasters, major accidents or afire are mitigated by having your financial accounts in the cloud where they are protected, secure and available to use no matter what happens offline.

Cloud Accounting 7

Security & Control

Confidentiality and security are maintained by world-class encryption, passwords, and system rules. In addition, if any enabled device is broken, lost, or stolen, data is locked down and not available to view by unauthorised users.

Cloud Accounting 8

Decisions Points

Avoid the complexity and hard work of managing accounts on a desk top computer with the simplicity of the user-friendly Cloud Accounting software which means no unnecessary delay in making the best decisions for your business.

Click on the links below to see the services we provide at different stages of business growth.

Anytime have the skills and expertise required to successfully manage the migration of financial control to Cloud Accounting. When engaged by a business to make that transition to the Cloud, we ensure complete understanding of our 4 Step Migration Plan and demonstrate how to achieve the financial and business benefits outlined above.

Training and Support will be provided at all stages during migration.

1. Migration Leader

We appoint a project leader with subject matter expertise who ensures all migration steps are documented and signed off.

2. Data Migration

Migration is managed with precise control of data movement to ensure the seamless and timely transition of all financial controls and reports to Cloud Accounting.

3. Switch Over Time-Line

The switch over time-line isunique to each business. Key factors to consider are the complexity of current accounting and the level ofuse required in Cloud Accounting.

4. Priorities

Your customers need to understand any new financial controls. Financial data and reports in your dashboard must be fit for purpose. These and many other efficiency factors are key elements in making the move to Cloud Accounting.

We take zero risks when ensuring delivery of what we promise in the use of modern applications, such as Cloud Accounting. With the protection of our customers businesses, their reputation and their brand as our number one priority, we have partnered with Xero who provide Anytime with world-class online accounting software. This partnership is now in its twelfth successful year. Outlined below is our profile and current status with Xero based on both the volume and quality of work completed on behalf of our clients.

This twelve year partnership with Xero has enabled Anytime to become experts in Cloud Accounting. It is on that basis we have every confidence in our ability to design, launch and optimise the use of Cloud Accounting for all of our clients.


“Accounting Anytime was one of the first Xero Partners in Ireland,

leading the way with Cloud Accounting for Irish firms.”

Gary Turner MD Xero UK & EMEA

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