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Case Study

Some Of Our Best Work

We have offered our help and advice thousands of times to many satisfied clients. We find that generally speaking, business owners are looking for higher efficiencies, cost avoidance and opportunities to save money. This is what we do best.


The example below is one of many we could share. Hopefully, it highlights the fact that this business owner knew himself he had to get better at financial control and wanted us to bring the expertise to make it happen. So whether or not you have a financial opportunity to capture or a problem to solve, we can help.

Client Profile

  • Electrical Contractor
  • 14 Electricians
  • 5 Admin. Staf

Problems to Solve

6 In-House Financial Control Challenges.

1. Bookkeeping required 2 full time Admin. Staf.
2. Manual processing was very time consuming
3. No relevant up to date accounts to view.
4. Business decisions not always supported by financial facts.
5. Unable to track or assign costs to projects correctly.
6. Profitability of projects not available or clear.
7. Accountant filing VAT & Accounts.


Client & Anytime: 5 Agreed Actions Completed.
  • Set up automated financial control process.
  • Created faster invoicing with enhanced credit control.
  • Ensured costs were billed to the correct project.
  • Presented timely monthly financial reports.
  • 24/7 access to financial information to help make decisions.
  • Reduced admin time. Saved money. Avoided costs.

Client Action

Meet with Anytime Team and work on the following agenda:
  • Improve financial reporting
  • Save money
  • Avoid costs

Client Feedback

“I now have more time to focus on the areas of the business where I can drive sales & growth.”


  • Monthly Cost: 1,500. Savings of 1,500 plus higher efficiency being achieved by the businessadmin team.
  • Projects costs assigned to the right project enabling cost avoidance, cost control and profitability tracking.
  • People working on site have access to financial information that enhances business growth, revenue and profit.

Case Study Summary

Someday your expertise may need ours. We offer a complimentary one to one meeting to review your financial controls. This may be followed by a confidential financial planning report with our advice and which may include recommendations for you to consider.

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